Thursday, June 1, 2017

Project Baby: Hospital Bag

It's been well over a year since I have bothered to write anything. I keep thinking that I want to, and the deciding that I don't really care.

For those who somehow don't know, I am 38 weeks pregnant with my first baby! It's a boy, and Dave and I are completely over the moon excited! I am mostly making this list now so that I can update this later, and remember what I used versus what I didn't so I can eventually give good advice, and make sure that if we do end up having more kids, I don't over or underpack.

One of my very best friends works in the women and children's pool at the hospital we are planning on delivering at. She was the first person I called when I was thinking about packing my hospital bag so that I didn't end up packing my entire house. She suggested basics. Clothes for me. Clothes for the baby. Hygiene things (if I don't want to use what the hospital has) and that is basically it.

I am planning on a drug free delivery using hypnobirthing, and so I have a few more things that I am packing to make my labor as comfortable as possible for myself. (Which truly, isn't that much more.) I scoured lists on pinterest and youtube videos to see what was useful to have after birth that the hospital may or may not provide.  I have linked everything below, so that if you decide you like something, you too can purchase it.

So. Without further ado.

What is in my hospital bag?

Baby BE Mine Hospital Gown - I am a texture freak.  This gown is nice and soft, basically a giant t-shirt that has snaps for easy access breastfeeding, and snaps down the back if one were to decide to get an epidural. I can't handle the texture of the fabric on the new hospital gowns that intermountain is using (I work at the hospital, and dress patients in them just about every shift of my life.)

Pillows (My doula is having me bring 3 to help with positioning during labor.) I recommend getting your own COLORED pillowcases so your pillow doesn't end up getting lost in the sea of hospital pillows and linens. I got these.

Headphones - So I can tune out everything if I need to refocus during birth.

Black Soft Robe - I got everything in black with the exception of my hospital gown. Black is slimming, and also doesn't show all the fun stains that are bound to happen. I found this bad boy at target. SO. FREAKING. COMFY. Also, easy access for breastfeeding.

Black Pajamas - I got a button down top so that I could easily breastfeed in the hospital while still being covered-ish. These come with shorts, because I have heard you get HOT after you give birth.

Black Long PJ bottoms - But I also got long pants because my legs are easily chilled.

General Sized Nursing Bra - Good advice from a friend of mine...wait for a few weeks until your milk comes in before I start purchasing bras by cup size. I found this lovely comfortable number on Amazon.

Going Home Outfit for Momma - I just got some high waisted leggings and a loose cute black tee from target to wear home. Nothing fussy, but super comfortable.

Going Home Outfit for Little Dude - Dave picked out a darling onesie outfit at target. I am going to keep it a surprise for pictures. We are bringing it in newborn and 3 months, since our baby is measuring almost 9 pounds...2 weeks ago. Hahaha.

Non-Skid Socks - Some old ones that I already have. But they are warm and soft.

Flip Flops - If I decide to shower, and if I end up in the shower during labor.

Bamboo Breast Pads - The hospital we are delivering at provides disposable pads, but I have heard from many people that the soft fabric of the bamboo feels really good on sore nips.

Swaddles - Just bringing 1. For pictures.

Nursing Pillow - My friend told me it's nice to have it with you if you are planning on using it at home, so the lactation consultant and nurses can show you how to use it.

Hygiene and Make-up- I have hygiene supplies for showering (soap, shampoo conditioner) and supplies in case I don't care to shower (deod wipes, make up wipes) along with your standard toothbrush, hair brush, hair ties, etc. I am bringing some make up because whether or not I decide to use it, it's nice to have the option. We are having a photographer take pictures of our tiny family while we are still in the hospital, and I want to feel pretty. (Also, I want to feel pretty when I have visitors. Yes. I am vain. No, I don't care what you think.)

Camera - For obvious reasons.

I'm still deciding if I care to bring my flat iron. I doubt I will, as I am a top knot professional. haha.

Any suggestions? Anything I should add? I'm not ditching anything, overall I'm pretty happy with what I have with me.