Saturday, August 8, 2015

First Post and GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello! Fresh new blog for an entirely new experience. I am looking forward to posting about all sorts of sassy things, but focusing on self improvement as well (such as thoughtful thursdays!)


I had neurosurgery at the beginning of July; So I'm out for 6 weeks! (I'll post about that later!) I haven't been able to do much of the things that I love. So I figured I'd do a giveaway of all the things that I can't do, so that you can do it for me! Be prepared! All the prizes involved are totally awesome! Unfortunately this giveaway is only available to those living in the USA (sorry Laura)!

Complete your entries!

MOMENTUM 2-for-NONE PASSES:  I can't rock climb at the moment. Too much jostling and physical strain for me. My good friends over at Lehi Momentum Climbing are totally awesome! Lehi Momentum is strictly a bouldering gym, which I absolutely love! I find that I have become a significantly stronger climber as I've been primarily bouldering. (Seriously. My top roping game is way stronger than it used to be.) I miss climbing with all my heart, and I can't wait to get back.

2 FUNTOPIA PASSES: Have you heard of Funtopia? Have you BEEN to Funtopia? Buckle up, because it's freaking awesome! There are various obstacles and challenges you go through, and there is a GIANT SLIDE that you have to wear a special suit for. (It makes you slide faster!)

SUCCULENT: In the last couple of weeks, we  Dave has made incredible progress on our yard...and I haven't been able to help at all. I can't garden (too much pressure on my head and neck) so take this pretty little succulent and plant it for me!

ROSE GOLD NECKLACE: I have been encouraged to wear a neck brace to help with my pain management, and to prevent over-jostling my head and neck! Necklaces scrape my neck to pieces, so I haven't been able to wear necklaces at all. Necklaces are typically my go-to accessory, and rose gold is fab. I fell in love with stackable necklaces while Dave and I were in California earlier this summer. So here is a stackable necklace in pretty rose gold for you!

NAIL POLISH: You would not believe how hard it is to bend over and paint your toes when your neck is stiff and painful! This is a great shade of polish on anyone's skin tone, and blue is my favorite color so there!

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  1. Booooo! I want to try rock climbing! Stinkin tropical islands, with no climbing gyms and no shipping addresses. Also, even more boo about you not being able to do these things yourself. I hope you recover soon, and that whoever wins this giveaway appreciates it :)

  2. I feel good juju vibes that I'm gunna win

  3. I love you Alex and you're beautiful! And I can't wait to read your blog and keep up with your life! Also, this giveaway is the best thing ever! I love everything you love!!!!!!

  4. my husband lives rock climbing! so that for him and the necklace for me :) I miss you and I can't wait to start doing your lashes again!

  5. Funtopia and that cute succulent 😍

  6. My husband loves climbing, I'd love to be able to take him to Momentum!!

  7. Aren't you just the sweetest! I'm excited to see more photos of you climbing. I love the necklace - your style is always enviable!