Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Healthy Eating: Green Juice

I used to think juicing was the lamest thing ever...until I tried it. The first time I tried green juice (that I made myself) was all thanks to a pinterest recipe for detox popsicles. I tried the juice going into the pops, and I was HOOKED! So much, that I kindly asked (made) Handsome buy me a juicer.

I've had several people ask for my green juice recipe after I posted a picture of it last night on insta. I feel so flattered, as I am a amateur juicer myself. This is the third time I've made the recipe, and this round was by far the best juice I've ever had. I'm so excited to share this with you all. Hope you drink all the green juice! I know I will.


1-2.5 bag of spinach
1 whole pineapple
4 green apples
1.5 lbs green grapes
8 celery stalks
2 cucumbers

Juice all the things. Makes roughly 2 quarts. Store in sealed mason jars for maximum freshness. Consume within 3-4 days.

Tips and Tricks:
-I found that as soon as the spinach makes it's way through the juicer, the sooner you turn off the machine, the less frothy it gets.
-Same for the pineapple^
- Switch between juicing the spinach, and the fruit/watery vegetables.
-You will use the entire bag of spinach. It takes a long time, but it's worth it.
-I keep my juice in glass quart mason jars, even while I am juicing. It makes it super easy to see the froth
-Scrape the froth off the top, and put into a separate quart jars
-Pour the juice into a separate vessel, such as a pitcher.
-As the bubbles dissapate from the froth, juice will make it's way through. Carefully pour that into your juice.

-Pour the juice to the top of the quart mason jars, and SCRAPE ALL THE BUBBLES. Do this until just juice overflows the jar slightly. Seal with lid.
-Any bubbles in the juice will make the nutrients oxidize, which defeats the purpose and nutritional integrity of the juice.

Happy Juicing!

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  1. That looks so great! I will have to try that recipe.