Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday: Sincere Compliments

Fact: I'm a gusher. What's a gusher? You may ask. I'm the kind of person that won't just give you a single compliment, I must compliment every aspect of what it is. If I love something about you or your look (gusherism #1: I never like, only love) I will let you know that I not only love your shoes, but I love the white stitching, and I love how the colors go together, and where did you get them, because you have the greatest style ever.

Gushers, you know the struggle. Non-gushers, we probably make you feel uncomfortable, and come off as cheesy or fake. I have finally found the perfect way to give someone a sincere compliment and mean every word, but not go overboard!

A few weeks ago, Dave and I were at the grocery store and a woman passed us. She gently patted my arm, and told me that she thought my hair was darling. She smiled at me, and continued her shopping. I found myself tickled by her compliment, and was left feeling a little more confident throughout the rest of my day.

What was so damn special about her compliment?  I feel like I compliment, and receive compliments all the time. What was so different?

A) She was completely sincere in her compliment.

She didn't say too much (gush), and her tone of voice was warm and friendly.

B) I didn't feel the need to give her a compliment back.

It's the same story every time. Someone gives me a compliment, and I look for something to compliment back. It has become some sort of small talk, which really takes away from the warmth and kindness of what a compliment is really supposed to be.

I am challenging myself this week to not gush, but give every compliment with warmth so it feels as sincere as it is!

What do you think about compliments? Are you a gusher like me?

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