Monday, August 17, 2015

Healthy Eating: Grocery List

As some of you may know, Dave and I embarked on a health journey this year. We both wanted to lose weight, look better, and feel better. It took about 6 months. Dave lost 70 pounds, and I lost 30 pounds. I also lost 2 full pant sizes. (I don't even know how many pant sizes Dave lost.)

Flash forward to after my surgery. I didn't feel good, and carbs are so delicious. I didn't want to eat a hearty salad. I wanted pasta, ice cream, and wings! We enjoyed all of these sinfully yummy foods through my recovery. Now we're back on the same diet we were before, and our tummies are thanking us!

I went major grocery shopping Sunday night, and I am including my grocery list. I've had several people ask me what I eat, and this is it. I've organized it by the store that I purchased it at. Hope you enjoy!

-4 green apples
-1 bunch celery
-1 avacado
-2 gala apples
-2 large carrots
-2 sweet potatoes
-2 cucumbers
-1 shallot
-4 bananas
-2 peaches
-1 bunch radishes
-1 bunch green beans
-1 package deli sliced medium Tillamook cheddar cheese
-1 container low fat cottage cheese
-5 80 calorie low fat greek yogurt (Dannon)
-5 chicken breasts
-1 lb 91% lean beef

Good Earth
-1 package muesli
-4 cups curry lentil soup mix
-5 cups quinoa

-1 can tomato soup
-1 package onion soup mix
-2 lbs green grapes

-2.5 lbs bag spinach
-2 gallons 1% milk
-1 pineapple

Hope this is helpful! Have a great day.

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